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  • Cancelling my account

    I have been trying to cancel my account to no avail. They do not have a cancellation option on their website that I can find, and when I tried to call, I got an automated response and was put on eternal hold. I have sent them at least 3 emails telling them I want to cancel plus 2 through their website. I have gotten nothing but automatic responses. In addition, I daily get new automated harrassing emails to pay the last 2 months when I attempted to cancel at that point. They no longer have an active credit card on me so they cannot get my money. I don't have a business,... More...
  • monthly service deception

    Greetings, My calculations are that I have was charged about $154 without ever making a transactions, or making any orders with My CC was cancelled in Jan, and the fact that uses monthly billing after my initial purchase was only then brought to my attention. I requested a refund of any monthly charges I may have incurred over the duration of my account beyond any service charges. They can validate I was not able to initiate or utilize any transaction beyond my folly of sign up with I requested they please accept my apologies and mail the refund to the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Mislead and cheated

    When I signed up, I thought I was signing up with the USPS so I can pay postage online. I did not know I will be charged for $9.99 for the "free scale" and $15.99 monthly fee by a company until today, 4 weeks later. I usually read the fine prints and I did not see these information. I did not even use their service once. The scale is useless to me. They would not credit the charges back to my credit card after I called them. They only offered to close my account so there won't be more charges. More...
  • Cannot cancel

    I signed up for under a promotional offer of free postage after a trial period. From the beginning, it was NOT as promised. It took over 2 months to get 'free' scale. I never received my 'free' postage from promotional offer. I have emailed 3x now asking for cancellation of service and refund of fees. Never heard back from 1st email request, 2nd email request said CALL! I do not have access to a phone since I am home bound recovering from injuries. On 6/29, they took out monthly fee AFTER I had requested them to stop service and OVERDREW my account.... More...
  • False Advertising

    I placed an order for stamps from their ad on Zynga poker.They promised almost 200,000 "free" chips for my order. They never credited me with the chips. They say they didn't get the order even though I have all the emails they sent verifying my purchase. Too offer an incentive for using their services and then not going through with their part of the bargain I would think borders on being illegal. I am filing complaints with the L.A. Better Business Bureau and Dept. of Consumer affairs about them and Godaddy. More...


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