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  • sucks

    signed up for the service - doesn't reveal that there is a 'monthly fee' - cheapest service advertised on the site is $15.99! Takes a lot of postage to make up for that fee! Called them to cancel and they refused to refund the $15.99. Doesn't make for good PR! I'll be sure to let everyone that I know that they better be prepared to pay! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    lmgetz's Picture   lmgetz    5 Comments   Comments
  • Total Rip-off

    I fell for the slick advertising "$100 free postage." So I thought why not give them a try? I got the material and could see it was a joke. You pay for the labels, you pay for the laser ink, and you do the work of printing a stamp every time you need one. I didn't finish setting up my account and didn't use the $5 free postage they gave(not $100). They told me that you only get the $100 worth of stuff after paying $17.95 for several months. No thanks. Well, we got charged $17.95 so I called to ask them to remove the charges and cancel any future ones. They made it... More...
    songbergs's Picture   songbergs    3 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint

    I signed up after getting suckered in by a talk-show host. I found the service confusing -- in my very busy life it slipped my minds. Like many of us I do not monitor my credit card accounts as carefully as I should. I wake up a year latter to learn that I have been paying $18/month for nothing. Their business plan is to ensnare people like me. They are DECEPTIVE -- CHARLATANS -- CROOKS. More...
    FinProf's Picture   FinProf    1 Comments   Comments
  • Stamps.Com--Misleading On Line Stamp Service

    A few years ago I signed up for Stamps.Com in order to get postage on-line. I did not read the agreement carefully and never realized that there would be a monthly fee levied whether or not I used the service. Stupid on my part, but frankly that aspect of the service was not clearly noted. (The sign-up process was so difficult and complicate that I never new I had actually successfully completed it!) For two and a half years I unknowingly paid $15/month for a service I never used. There is NO notice of annual renewal, which would have allowed me to cancel. There was NEVER a... More...
    mbrizzoli's Picture   mbrizzoli    3 Comments   Comments
  • i thought this was a bad idea....

    I thought the service was brilliant until I stopped to think weight a minute, just weight. Don't I need a scale to calculate WEIGHT!? Then I was slapped in the back of the head by Einstein's ghost. DUH!!!!!! No ADDITIONAL HARDWARE REQUIRED! NO HIDDEN COSTS!!! BULL HONKEY!!!! YOU NEED TO BUY A FREAKIN $50.00 SCAL!!! and from who? then they offer their little free scale offer and now all these reviews are telling me they are doing that to people too? thanks but no thanks. I was smart enough not to sign up. YOU SHOULD BE TOO!!!!! More...
    someguy83's Picture   someguy83    2 Comments   Comments
  • Beware this company!

    I signed up for a 4 week trial and ordered the start up kit and scale. They never came. A month later I checked with them, nothing. Two months later and BAM, $48 in "service fees" charged to my CC, but still no ordered supplies. I called to cancel, asked them what I was paying for if I could not use the service and they said "access". So it costs $16 a month for "access" the then go buy postage from them. They acknowledged that they never sent the ekit but still charged me. The lady in cancellations was terribly rude and high pressure, keeping me on the... More...
    tulsabobt's Picture   tulsabobt    1 Comments   Comments

    I'm sure doesn't monitor this page or there wouldn't be so many complaints about their sorry company. I placed an order for stamps from their ad on Zynga poker.They promised almost 200,000 "free" chips for my order. They never credited me with the chips. They say they didn't get the order even though I have all the emails they sent verifying my purchase. Too offer an incentive for using their services and then not going through with their part of the bargain I would think borders on being illegal. I am filing complaints with the L.A. Better Business... More...
    voldemorthex's Picture   voldemorthex    1 Comments   Comments
  • horrible

    Never got the free bonus they offered and was a nightmare to cancel when I called--passive aggressive and had to answer the same quiestions several times..Don't u just hate that--they require you to call to cancel then you have to get firm to do so after cutting off a sales speach several times..AVOID AVOID AVOID More...
    jn4337's Picture   jn4337    0 Comments   Comments

    I responded to a promotional offer for a free mail scale, entered my cc information b/c I also needed to purchase stamps, realized it was a bogus offer, closed the website immediately and still found myself signed up for $15.99/month "service" membership. Conveniently, the offer was sent right before Christmas and the four-week "free trial" was long enough so that I (foolishly) chalked up an unrecognized postage charge on my cc to a holiday stamps purchase. These people know exactly what they're doing and I doubt that I'm the only one who made this mistake.... More...
  • It is hard to terminate your account

    Unless you spend at least $15.99 a month in stamps, its not worth it. Plus, when you do decide to terminate your account, they send you on a wild goose chase, telling you to hang up and call another phone number. Finally when you do get the correct phone number, it takes about 30 minutes on hold before someone answers. Then, the person spends 5-10 minutes trying to talk you out of cancelling, by offering offers and specials. Don't get sucked in. Finally, once all the pertinent information has been given, they charge you an extra $2.98 as a processing fee to cancel your account. This... More...
    snavemom's Picture   snavemom    0 Comments   Comments
  • I was deceived by

    I was deceived by Please, be cautious when using this company. I ordered a book of personalized stamps for $18.99, which is about $10 more than a regular book of stamps. I was pretty hesitant to buy them in the first place because of the price. After reviewing my credit card statement, I found out that I have been billed 2 months since, and that I inadvertently signed up for a regular service. The website was very deceiving, as it makes you sign up for the account just to order a book of stamps. The customer service is terrible, as I was unable to get my money back, and it... More...
    kali0109's Picture   kali0109    2 Comments   Comments
  • Don't use

    I recently got hoodoo-ed into signing up for I was looking for a site to print a single stamp, after inputing my banking information for a free promotional trial, I still was unable to print the stamp without the appropriate paper. I just noticed this month on my bank statement that has been charging me 19.99 a month for an account I didn't set up. When I called to cancel the "account" and get my money back, I spoke with a woman named Ashley who claimed to be the "top of the ladder" as far as supervisors I could speak with. I have not once... More...
  • False and fake ads is full of false advertising. Their ads promise you no hassle, low cost mailing, "without having to pay for a meter". In reality, you pay a monthly fee, you can't simply "print postage", unless you print a full envelope with address details. If you want to print stamps, you need to buy stamp paper from them (for a hefty price). If you want to print parcel postage - you need special lables from them (ditto on the price), and if you want to send international first-class mail - you CAN'T, because you either need their specialty stamp paper, or the... More...
    Ybother's Picture   Ybother    2 Comments   Comments
  • I was promised and signed up for...

    I was promised and signed up for a free 4 week trial plus $5 free postage by on Aug. 9th. I received an email from next day stating that I qualified for a free 4-week trial, free scale, plus $25 free postage if I stay beyond 4 weeks and signed up. When I phoned to cancel before the 4 weeks was up, they told me that they could not access my accounts because their system was down. I asked them to cancel both accounts as soon as the system came back up and that I would not use their free postage. Instead of cancelling both accounts, they charged my credit card... More...
    DavidMoy's Picture   DavidMoy    2 Comments   Comments
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