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  • BIG problem!

    I've been with for a long time and have been satisfied until now. I purchased what turned out to be a defective scale . It has been four phone calls and over a month and I still don't have my scale. That's a long time when you use it for your business . Hopefully there is truly one on the way! If I hadn't been so satisfied with the rest of my experience with I would've been long gone!! This is really unacceptable and I hope you can get the problem fixed! More...
    PeggyDrzayich's Picture   PeggyDrzayich    0 Comments   Comments
  • A bad idea

    I would suggest never using is a service that charges a monthly fee for using it, plus you are paying for the cost of your shipping fees (boxes, stamps, etc). The online interface is difficult to use, and there is no real reason to use the company, all you really need is a shipping scale and printer, which you can buy online. When I cancelled my account, they did NOT tell me I needed to manually cancel my monthly delivery of stamps AFTER I had already cancelled my account. I wrote to them asking them to cancel it (it had been a month since I had used the service, and... More...
    appleacres49's Picture   appleacres49    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refusal

    I ordered by email, but immediately I recognized my mistake, so I canceled "order" and repeated such by email. That obviously did not reach you. I will refuse the mail, or will turn it back immediately. Please eliminated all fees from my account. Hopefully, this communication will come to your attention. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ludsevmd's Picture   ludsevmd    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cancelling my account

    I have been trying to cancel my account to no avail. They do not have a cancellation option on their website that I can find, and when I tried to call, I got an automated response and was put on eternal hold. I have sent them at least 3 emails telling them I want to cancel plus 2 through their website. I have gotten nothing but automatic responses. In addition, I daily get new automated harrassing emails to pay the last 2 months when I attempted to cancel at that point. They no longer have an active credit card on me so they cannot get my money. I don't have a business,... More...
  • is a ripoff!

    When I signed up for I was under the assumption that it was a "pay-as-you-go" service, and I was even prepared to pay a sign-on fee and slight markup on postage, on that premise. Unfortunately for me, in their sign-up interface, they managed to obfuscate their requirement for an ongoing monthly service fee (which is automatically charged to the credit card). Somehow, they cleverly managed to get that fine print past me and I have rarely fallen for scams. I've learned my lesson, but got ripped off for one monthly fee of $15, which they automatically charge when you... More...
    floydbh's Picture   floydbh    0 Comments   Comments
  • is a ripoff

    When I signed up for I was under the assumption that it was a "pay-as-you-go" service, and I was even prepared to pay a sign-on fee and slight markup on postage, on that premise. Unfortunately for me, in their sign-up interface, they managed to obfuscate their requirement for an ongoing monthly service fee (which is automatically charged to the credit card). Somehow, they cleverly managed to get that fine print past me and I have rarely fallen for scams. I've learned my lesson, but got ripped off for one monthly fee of $15, which they automatically charge when you... More...
    hitpure's Picture   hitpure    0 Comments   Comments
  • Help

    When I went to the web site for my free download of introductory stamps I had a heck of a time. I am a private person not a company. I could not navagate the site and ended up having to order 20 dollars of stamps and stamps I was able to print were for 1 dollar and fifty cents. Now I cant use them. Please recind everything I did and cross me off your list. Thank You More...
    Dudleyes52's Picture   Dudleyes52    0 Comments   Comments
  • Billed for account I did not know I had

    I got an email from stating that my credit card had expired. I went to the sight and found that I had an "account" that cost $15.99 a month. I contacted them asking for cancellation and a refund for the months I was billed (my bad, I did not notice the charge on my cc bill, but hey, $15.99 didn't raise a red flag). I never, once, used the service. They replied that I had to call and cancel and that "After thorough review of your account history, we%u2019re unable to issue a refund for the charges in question. Your account was open when these charges were... More...
    des4d's Picture   des4d    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stamped author

    I worked with an agent named Michael and he was extremely helpful an courteous. However, I am confused by the promotion that offered to make me a customer. I was offered a free mailing scale but was later told that I have to pay a shipping fee that higher than the price of a scale at Office Depot. Thought that was a bit odd. More...
    porcupine65's Picture   porcupine65    0 Comments   Comments
  • This is a scam

    I created a account as a test a while ago. I did not realize they actually started charging $15.99 a month on 06/07/2014, so a total of $79.95 as of today. They feature a trial period, after which they start charging $15.99 a month. But no notice is sent before the end of the trial period. I NEVER EVER used their services and do not even know what it is for. I am now trying to close my account but again the interface is very opaque. They may have legal / official arguments to charge that money. But as many forums report over the internet, users are very badly informed... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    alexispreel's Picture   alexispreel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Business Practices and Charges

    So I had received the trial offer for in the mail and decided to give it a try. I set up my account thinking that I would be using it since it was the time of year in which I usually have to send a lot of mail. I never used the service but kept it until the last day of the trial offer period in case I needed. Once the day to cancel came, I went online to cancel my account, but unfortunately nowhere was it made immediately apparent that in order to cancel your account, which was created online, could only be cancelled by phone. As it was 9:30pm on a Friday when I had attempted to... More...
    Silver0024's Picture   Silver0024    0 Comments   Comments
  • monthly service deception

    Greetings, My calculations are that I have was charged about $154 without ever making a transactions, or making any orders with My CC was cancelled in Jan, and the fact that uses monthly billing after my initial purchase was only then brought to my attention. I requested a refund of any monthly charges I may have incurred over the duration of my account beyond any service charges. They can validate I was not able to initiate or utilize any transaction beyond my folly of sign up with I requested they please accept my apologies and mail the refund to the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • LAME!

    just ordered photo stamps 1 week ago from Turns out that the stamps they offered and I ordered are the old rate that is no longer in effect ($.46), has gone up to $.49. No I have to add more stamps for these to be useful. the company is called, you'd think they would be experts on what they are selling but they aren't. TOTALLY STUPID!!! More...
    nycconsumer's Picture   nycconsumer    1 Comments   Comments
  • Rocky Road neglected to offer the new stamp rate for first class postage as few as 3 days before the increase was to take place (1/26/14). My wife and I found this oversight to be extremely poor business. When a change was posted at the site, the only denomination offered for a 1 oz, first class stamp was $0.48 and NOT the $0.49 everyone had anticipated! Only when we noticed a message in fine print, did we realize why could print 48's rather than 49's! C'mon, man! More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    CC49er's Picture   CC49er    0 Comments   Comments
  • monthly charges

    I t5ook the trouble to go back to my Emails to the time you told me my account was opened with you. I do not see any deta8ls about your monthly fee charges which you have been charging me for 1 year's time with no orders being placed, or a call to me advising me why I haven't ordered in all this time. I just spoke to your Supervisor , Erica, but was disconnected. Since she has my telephone on file, kindly have her call me back, so that we may complete our conversation, Do I have to complain to the U.S. Postal service to get the proper credit for all these months of 15.99... More...
    aflaks's Picture   aflaks    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not impressed

    This shopping experience wasn't that bad, it was fairly unclear what I'm exactly getting in the package. And the ad they sent said I would be getting more credit than my acct. was credited. The worst part for is that I ordered on 12/5, here it is 12/15 and I don't have anything, nor does their method of shipment provide tracking updates along the route. This is a company that wants me to spend money with them to ship things, and their shipping methods leave much to be desired. I will mostly likely only use the credit that is on my account, whatever that amount actually... More...
    dannyboyduds's Picture   dannyboyduds    0 Comments   Comments
  • "the not so efficient stamp company"

    Initially started an order and cancelled within 10 minutes. Company still charged monthly fees even though I had never received the information aacket needed to use their product. Upon receiving the monthly fee, I went online to try and cancel account but this can only be done by a phone call. Called and was on hold for about 15 minutes where I was transferred to an agent who stated that the fees were valid. It took another 10 minutes to cancel the account. Beware of hidden fees with this company!!!! More...
    fivejaze's Picture   fivejaze    0 Comments   Comments
  • Quick, personal and reliable postage provider

    I've used for over seven years, and I have been very happy with their service! There are places that offer similar products, but these places don't provide the awesome support that I get with I print hundreds of labels for my small business. I try to be careful, but I make printing mistakes (I'm human, after all). One time, I made a very costly postage mistake and the USPS denied me a refund on the postage due to a technicality. stepped in and offered to credit my account. provides service when the post office WON'T.... More...
    kitkitcat's Picture   kitkitcat    0 Comments   Comments
  • is a racket

    when I was charged for a months service but had never received my intro packet I called customer service to cancel and was offered an additional "30 days free"... no one bothered to tell me it could not be used on a public computer. I never received my free postal scale and ended up being charged for 2 months service. Even though I never used the service I was refused a refund. Big scam. I will never use labels from sites that use until makes this right. ( More...
    SavySHopper's Picture   SavySHopper    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sad

    For many years I have been ordering customized stamps. I use them on special occasions and they make unique gifts for Brides, graduates and many other occasions. AND YOU HAVE TO GO AND COMPLICATE IT. I do not like having to buy these labels and then print the postage myself. I want simple STAMPS! I looked and looked on the website and all I could find was how to buy labels.If it wasn't my last child's graduation, I'd say forget it. Because labels require software now and a printer. You really did suck the fun out of this. More...
    emmayus's Picture   emmayus    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great product!

    I have been a member of for years. It is an easy and reliable way to print postage right from your home computer. No more standing in line at the Post Office. You can request or perform any of the same services provided by the Post Office. If you ever have a problem they are very quick to respond and get the problem straightened out. It is definitely a service worth considering! More...
    sgottmer's Picture   sgottmer    1 Comments   Comments

    I have used for years, as an 10 year eBay seller and personally. I have shipped 1000's and 1000's of packages all over the US, APO and FPO through Aside from business, I have shipped everything from Christmas gifts to family, friends and Care packages to our military. These packages included small 4 ounce packages to large 8+ pound and more. I am handicapped and trips to the post office has not been an option and postal helpers kind but, either often unreliable or unavailable when I needed them. The website is easy to use and understand. Over the years, I... More...
    SunnyUp's Picture   SunnyUp    1 Comments   Comments
  • special offer

    I recently received a new customer offer which included a "free" scale to weigh postage, along with a starter kit, some free postage and a software CD. I signed up, only to find that I must pay $9.99 for "postage and handling" on the "free" scale, information that was only made available after I signed up. This is a bit of bait-and-switch, although I do find the software and the service impressive and will use it in my business. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    pamrau's Picture   pamrau    0 Comments   Comments
  • **Can't Imagine Life Without!!**

    First of all I live in BEAUTIFUL & PEACEFUL rural "GOD'S COUNTRY" Swansea, MA; I'm a "native" & this is home. However, I'm very far from our post office, plus, (...& only for now cuz better days are comin'!!), I also have a wicked VISION DISABILITY that causes a real transportation issue in my life. I SO CAN NOT IMAGINE IT WITHOUT STAMPS.COM FOR SO MANY REASONS!! If you sign up for this you're a good way!! There's nothing like having an entire post office literally right at your fingertips; I can't begin... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    baybox's Picture   baybox    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mislead and cheated

    When I signed up, I thought I was signing up with the USPS so I can pay postage online. I did not know I will be charged for $9.99 for the "free scale" and $15.99 monthly fee by a company until today, 4 weeks later. I usually read the fine prints and I did not see these information. I did not even use their service once. The scale is useless to me. They would not credit the charges back to my credit card after I called them. They only offered to close my account so there won't be more charges. More...
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